My name is Margot Tohkou (東 虹) Olejniczak. I am Swiss- Polish artist and teacher of Japanese ink painting in Switzerland, Poland and Germany. I got my Japanese name Tohkou (東 虹) from my master Tohun Kobayashi, in 2021.

In my paintings I apply very traditional techniques that have been passed down from master to master for hundreds of years and have never been fully described in books. Maintaining this technical treasure remains very important to me.

By combining the traditional techniques with a modern approach and by using different tools available, I achieve a unique style. My artistic research is also concerned with the creation of a new concept of sumi-e painting by introducing the contemporary means of expression. Above all, the pure spirit and mindfulness shape my artistic landscape and the vision of the world.

Margot Olejniczak,  Atelier Margot, CH-8158 Regensberg, +41 78 907 36 88


Małgorzata Olejniczak

Thanks to my numerous trips to Japan, I discovered the art and philosophy of ink painting.

Since 2001 I have been studying the Sumi-e Art in Tokyo in the classes of well-known masters and since 2012 I have been perfectioning my skills in the class of Master Tohun Kobayashi until today.

In 2014 I received a diploma of Sumie Instructor awarded by The International Sumi-e  Association in Japan.

I run courses of Japanese painting in Zurich, in the Museum of Japanese Art and Technology  'Manggha" In Cracow, in Warsaw (Poland) and in Ekō-Haus in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I regularly exhibit my works at individual and group exhibitions in Europe, USA und Japan.

In 2016 I received for my works a Special Award in the Tokyo National Art Center, followed by the Special Award in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum during Le Salon Blanc -The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art.
In September 2016 I became a member of the art group at the Noho M55 Gallery in New York and of the International Sumi-e Friendship Association of Japan.

In August 2017 I received the  International Best Award in Japanese art, calligraphy and painting exhibition in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Since this moment, I was awarded several times during the exhibitions n Japan.

In 2018 I became a member of the Jury of the international exhibition The Torch of Asia, at the  National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan.

In January 2020 I have received a Special Award of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for my 3 works and the promotion of the Japanese culture and ink painting outside Japan  (International Exhibition Art for All, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan)

I am a member of the International Association of Sumi-e, Japan.

In 2021 I was given my official Japanese art name, chosen by my master Tohun Kobayashi



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Artikel für das Magazin von Eko Haus, Düsseldorf, Oktober 2020
Artikel für das Magazin von Eko Haus




My official Japanese art name


After 20 years of artistic career I have received my Japanese art name:  Toh-kou (東 虹) 

東 "Toh-" comes from 東雲 Tohun, the first part of my master's name

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Special Award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Art for All

 International Group exhibition

23 January - 3 February 2020

The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

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International Honor Award 2019


Torch of Asia Exhibition 

 Group exhibition

23 January - 4 February 2019


The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

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The International Art Award


24 January - 5 February 2018

The Asia Creation Exhibition,

The National Art Center,

Tokyo Roppongi, Japan

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The International Best Award


The International Best Award  in Japanese art, calligraphy and painting exhibition 2017 Gunma, Japan.

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Special Award of the Jury of Le Salon Blanc


1 - 6 April 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan

Le Salon Blanc, The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

group exhibition


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Special Award of the Jury


20th Januar-1st Februar 2016
The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
group exhibition

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